It is time to register your station for exercise play in BLACK SWAN 21. Cutoff is 12 September.

Major change for exercise control this year: every station must register directly. We are not coordinating play with ARRL this year. (Amateur stations might wish to check with their local ARES or net to schedule exercise play for BLACK SWAN 21 around any other activity like Ohio ARES SET.)

  • Last year's problems with activation will not be repeated.

  • Every station playing in the exercise is to register and every station will be contacted, activated, and managed by BLACK SWAN exercise controllers directly.

  • No station will be dependent upon ARRL Field Organization officials, clubs, or others to activate.

  • Unregistered stations will not be written into the exercise plan.

Register now to ensure that your station is included in the exercise plan. If you are unsure about when your station will be in operation, take your best guess now; controllers can adjust as we get closer to the event.