Info Packet

Info Packet for Participating Organizations

THIS IS THE LABOR DAY INFO PACKET for participating organizations. This includes:

  1. Instructions for participating organizations: BLACK SWAN 18 Prep Checklist
  2. BLACK SWAN 18 CONOPS (Local Template)
  3. BLACK SWAN 18 ExPlan (Local Template)

To get your organization participating in BLACK SWAN 18, follow the instructions in the Checklist to create your local CONOPS and to distribute it as soon as possible. We expect that most organizations will be able to develop their own CONOPS from that template in about 30 minutes. Over the course of the next few weeks, your designated exercise Controller should develop the local ExPlan in coordination with other Controllers (all coordinated through the blackswancomex mailing list). This will ensure not only that your own players are locally kept busy but the activity of neighboring players will help to ensure a large common operating picture, and activity for other organizations to enhance their play.