Asynchronous Collaboration

Do we really need all stations to be in operation at the same time and on the same frequency to work effectively together in an emergency?

We propose to test the question in a low-intensity exercise over the next few weeks, where amateur and SHARES stations using Winlink Global Radio Email may offer their services on a convenient operating schedule. Working only weekends? Just weekdays? Only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? No problem, no problem, and no problem. Whatever days the station is working, the station will get instructions in the morning for some low-impact task (like gather local weather or other conditions), and report back as instructed. Just use the Winlink template for Check In and we'll be connected.

Need to change your operating schedule after starting? Need to wrap it up before the exercise itself is over? Again, no problem. Just complete the Check In form again to modify any operating detail, or the Check Out form to leave the exercise. This is made to give everyone an accessible, interesting, and realistic training experience, as well as the data needed for planning emergency communications systems, procedures, and plans.

It all takes place via Winlink, which also means that our footprint isn't limited to where the signal of a particular net or liaison can be heard. Please share our little project with Winlink fans and help us test this model of collaboration.

See the document below for all the information needed to participate. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you.