September 20, 2019

HF Interoperability (60-meter/5 MHz) Net Activation

This is to notify all users of the 60-meter / 5 MHz HF interoperability channels of an upcoming exercise; details below. Pursuant to authority delegated by the Federal Communications Commission, the restriction in 47 CFR 97.111(a)(4) limiting communications between Amateur stations and a United States government station to communications “necessary to providing communications in RACES” is waived to the extent that any Amateur station, operating within the privileges authorized to the control operator, may communicate with a United States government station for the purposes of this exercise.

WHO: Ohio Military Reserve - SHARES and Amateur Radio stations are invited to participate.

WHAT: BLACK SWAN 19 Communications Exercise

START: 030001Z Oct 2019 (8:01pm EDT 02 October 2019)

END: 090001Z Oct 2019 (8:01pm EDT 08 October 2019)

LOCATION: Throughout and around Ohio

SCENARIO: Severe weather impacts communications and power infrastructure OBJECTIVE: Test auxiliary communications functions and interoperability capabilities at agencies, welfare traffic relay and delivery, and information-gathering.

TIMELINE: Three stages: (1) Build-up 2-4 Oct, (2) Intense Activity 5-6 Oct, (3) Recovery 7-8 Oct.

CONTACT: C. Matthew Curtin, SGT, OHMR. +1-614-398-0045


BLACK SWAN Coordinators will make information available via the exercise web site at

SHARES and Amateur Radio stations may prepare weather reports taken from local weather stations for REAL WORD conditions. Stations wishing to send EXERCISE weather reports may do so by using data consistent with the onset of Hurricane Opal. Weather reports should be directed to NNO5HD (that is the letter “oh”, not the figure zero)

SHARES stations may also listen on SHARES North channels for traffic to be retransmitted to amateur radio stations on the 60 meter interoperability channel at 5371.5 kHz USB.

David Adsit

DHS FEMA Spectrum Manager