Get current road and traffic condition data via radio! (This is an active development project connected to the BLACK SWAN Net.)

The Ohio Department of Transportation provides real-time reporting of road and traffic conditions through its OHGO service available via Web and mobile app. Data available include reports from weather instrumentation, traffic delays, dangerous slowdowns, traffic incidents, road construction, and digital highway signs.

Emergency managers might need such information when operating from an emergency operations center or command post that does not have reliable Internet service in the aftermath of a disaster or other incident. Using our OHGOREQ radio message, emergency managers in an affected area can make a request for OHGO information for a location, as specified by a major city, region, or radius from coordinates. The request is routed by radio to a station that has Internet service, where the request is fed to a piece of software that fetches the requested information from OHGO via application programming interface. The result is saved as a comma-separated value file that is transmitted by radio in digital form to the requesting station, which can then import the data into a map or whatever system is appropriate.

The OHGOREQ message template is available as a custom form for FLMSG.

Slides below walk through the workflow.