Amateur Radio Volunteers

Now is the time to prepare for your operation in the annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET) to be held in the ARRL Ohio Section October 3-4, 2020. This page is for individual operators to prepare; to register your ARES group, NTS net, or other amateur radio team, go to the Register to Play page.

Very little information will be released until the build-up period for the exercise, starting late in the evening of September 29, Ohio time. This will allow for information to be released over the course of the week, building up awareness of the exercise scenario and preparing for weekend activation.

All players: Whether you're part of a team or operating solo, we want to hear from you. See the instruction for all players.

HF Net Control Operators Needed: we need you to train with us on Buckeye Net for control by voice, with digital traffic movement. Visit the Buckeye Net Web site and advise of your interest in working as a net control operator and availability for training.

Resources are available now to help you prepare:

  1. County Information Report Project 20 (CIRP20), a series of warm-up tasks to help you develop and exercises critical tasks. Actively participate. If you haven't been asked to help, volunteer to your local Emergency Coordinator or Traffic Net Manager!

  2. Radio KD8TTE (YouTube), a channel with videos focused on radio messaging and other emergency communications.

  3. ARES Radio Message Training. Sign up now to join in directed training, including use of the above resources to be prepared.