The radio messaging newsletter distributed and sourced by radio.

QSP: The Newsletter for Radio Messaging

...with focus on emergency communication.

"If they're going to all the trouble to throw an emergency, we should at least be ready to play."

How It Works

Every week, we release a newsletter, content relayed (hence, QSP) from contributors, sending a message that might be as simple as letting us know that they're there, or letting us know about their operating activity over the past week. It could include sharing a training tip, or giving us progress on a project. Everyone who contributes to the proverbial pot partakes of its luck, which is to say, they get the newsletter back, with their contribution as well as that of everyone else. We have a slide deck giving an overview of operation if you prefer that.


First of all, it's just fun to make use of the radio equipment, systems, and procedures we've bought, built, and incorporated. Of course, there are plenty of newsletters, nets, and practice sessions dedicated to individual tools like the NBEMS suite, Winlink, bulletin-board systems, and the NTS radiogram. The idea behind QSP is integration. We're looking to integrate the messaging with a purpose to share news to our fellow volunteers. We're looking to integrate the messaging systems so that someone sending something can figure out the best means to deliver that message to the QSP editor. Of course, we're also hoping that having contributed content will encourage more stations to develop the ability to receive digital messages through at least one route.

What Does It Look Like?

Here we present some back issues to get an idea of look and feel. Maybe seeing this, you'll want to join the party.